Day: June 7, 2020

How to Choose the Best Lacrosse Mesh for You?

If you are a regular player of lacrosse, then you must be quite aware of the mesh in your lacrosse stick.

This mesh may be great when they are bought, but with time, they may degrade and needs to be replaced.

If one not select a proper mesh, then it would eventually reduce the game performance of the players. There are three types of mesh available that one can choose from

They are the

  • Soft mesh
  • Hard mesh 
  • Traditional mesh

Some of the best lacrosse mesh options available online are

#1. East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Semi-soft HeroMesh

These are soft mesh and are suitable for kids. This mesh can increase the shot speed and can also help you in cradling the ball easily. These are very easy to install and can be replaced when damaged.

#2. ECD Lacrosse East coast Dyes Hero 2.0 Complete Kit semi-soft Lacrosse Mesh White

This mesh can even be use by an advanced player and is easy to string into both low and high pockets. Thus, making it suitable for both men’s and women. This can also be used by beginners for practice.

#3. Sensei 2 Lacrosse Mesh (semi-soft by Ninja lax)

They are simply the best option available at an affordable price. It holds the valve firmly that helps a player to throw the ball with more precision and accuracy, which increases the overall performance or game of the players.


Apart from this, there are several other types of mesh available on the e-commerce website, like Amazon. One should thoroughly check for all the available option and then select the best one.

The mesh is the very important part of the lacrosse stick. As it helps you to hold and release the ball which can severely effect the game of the persons.