Day: June 3, 2020

Best Lacrosse Gifts You Can Buy

With the coming of the festive season, the importance of gifts also increases people generally wait for gifts from their loved ones.

Selecting a proper gift can be very time consuming and haptic process as the gift should be such that the person can use it if you have to select the gift for someone who is a lacrosse lover then we have made a list of all the possibilities that one may choose from: 

Here’ the best lacrosse gifts you can buy right now.

#1. Lacrosse Stickers

Childers love stickers whether it is of their movie cartoon characters or even games. If your child likes playing lacrosse games gifting him/her with the lacrosse stickers can be an excellent idea.

There is a wide variety of options available in different colors shape and sizes to choose from. These stickers can be used to decorate either the room or the playing gear.

#2. Lacrosse Pasta

Imagine eating helmet, lacrosse sticks and goalie stick as the dinner how much fun it could be. A lacrosse pasta comes in all shapes of the lacrosse gear that your child would love. It is made up of powder vegetable and is 100% safe to eat. You can find it easily on

#3. Night Lacrosse LED

This is a cool item for gifting purposes it can be used to gift people of different ages. Children will love it as the ball and the sticks come with LED lights that glow. This can be used as a decorative at the homes.


These are just some of the possible suggestions but the options are endless. The gifts have their importance as when it has been received from the parents then it becomes priceless you can find budget-friendly options available. Gifting a lacrosse related items will boost the confidence among your kids and this will improve their games.

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads to Purchase

In lacrosse you need to protect every body part, your chest area and Shoulder are also one of them here is a list of best lacrosse shoulder pads in the market.

All these products are available on Amazon at a very convenient price.

#1. Maverik Max EKG Speed Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

It is designed to provide optimum protection to your chest area that is why it comes in traditional design to provide you comfort and protection as well.

It is highly customizable as it allows the players to customize its coverage and drape.

It is highly breathable. It Provide additional chest and spine plate for protection with uninterrupted mobility.

#2. Epoch Lacrosse Integra

It is equipped with a quick release technology which helps in the easy removal of lacrosse shoulder pad with less struggle in case of chest injury.

Its face change technology makes it highly breathable and comfortable.

Its face change technology makes it highly breathable and comfortable. Its compressed dual foam density makes it flexible so that it can provide the optimum mobility.

#3. STX Stallion 50 Shoulder Pad

It is designed to provide overall protection to the beginners as it has expanded coverage area.

It is available for 4 playing position attack midfielder, Face-off, Defense.

#4. EPOCH Id shoulder lacrosse pad

It is lightweight and flexible to provide you optimum mobility.

Its removable biceps pad make it highly customizable.

Its adjustable strap will provide you perfect fit and comfort with protection.

#5. Warrior Youth Rabil NXT Shoulder Pad

It is designed for elite players. It provide floating shoulder caps, it is equipped with an external plate to protect your sternum and rib.

#6. Maverik LacrosseMax Speed Pad

It protects with comfort and mobility. Its comfort fit arc allows the players to customize it as per their convenience.

Its 37.5 Linear makes it highly breathable so that the player don’t need to struggle with sweat and heat.